Human Rights Culture in the European Union 

Human Rights Culture in the European Union (HRC-EU) is a Jean Monnet Module directed by Prof. Angela Condello. The course aims at enhancing the knowledge of European policies among students of humanities by means of the analysis of what can be defined a "European human rights culture". Europe is undoutebly going through processes that are challenging its juridical, political, and cultural identities: multi-level governance, migration fluxes, legal pluralism and clashes of legal cultures. Identifying a common space of construction of a European human rights culture is thus of crucial importance in order to understand and confront the contemporary socio-cultural transformations also among students of the humanities and not only among law students and researchers.

The evaluation will be based on an oral discussion. The exam will be centered on the understanding of key notions and theses and on a critical analysis of the main themes developed during the course. The instructor will assess students' argumentative abilities and the depth of the theoretical understanding. 

Students will have to demonstrate:

  • a deep knowledge of the themes and of the questions illustated during the course
  • analytical and argumentative abilities in the discussion
  • the capacity to integrate different philosophical and juridical notions
  • the capacity to manage the new notions concrening the themes discussed during the course


Lessons, 36 hours (6 CFU). The evaluation will be based on an oral discussion. Written exam: two open questions (choice among seven or eight questions).

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