directed by: Giovanni Troilo

editing: Maria Fantastica Valmori
producer: Andrea Patierno, Marteen Schmidt, Raffaella Gresele
production: Todos Contentos y yo Tambien, Magnolia Fiction, Rai Cinema
world sales: GA&A [Italy]
country: Italy
year: 2016
film run: 61'
format: colour
status: Ready (28/10/2016)
festivals & awards: IDFA - Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2016: Official selection
Charleroi, La Ville Noire, a small town close to Bruxelles, symbolizes by itself the whole of Europe. The collapse of the industrial manufacturing, the rising unemployment, the increasing immigration, the outbreak of micro-criminality, the lack of a shared identity. Today social unease combines with the lives of the citizens, the roads, once blooming and neat, appear today desolated and abandoned, industries are closing down. But maybe it is in this very dark heart, where Europe has firstly experienced its end, that an idea of Europe can born again.